Online brain training. Does it really work?

When I was about 8 years old, Dad (who has always been quite ahead of his time in acquiring technology) brought home a computer. Our new machine was called a ‘Colour Genie’ and was one of the first computers to have a colour monitor. It only had a few games that we loaded up via a cassette — remember those good old days? A few weeks ago, one of my boys came up to me looking a bit puzzled and holding a music cassette. He’d never seen a tape before and had no idea what it was! Time and technology move so fast that it is hard to keep pace, unless of course, you are my Dad! Technology is having a big impact on the health industry and brain health is no exception. Now that this blog is up and running and I’ve started to talk to people about neuroscience, one question that keeps coming up… Does cognitive brain training work? So, I thought I’d look into it a bit more… Firstly, what is brain training? It might be Google’s very clever response to my search interests in neuroscience and bra..